I'm Fabien Penso, I shoot film for the past decade, and work as a Software Engineer for even longer. I contributed to many projects, including non profit ones. See more about me.

As most of us, I've used Flickr since 2005, during its golden age. I've bought a Pro subscription from day one and still have one today. It still has the highest amount of high quality photographers (see my favorites).

Sadly, when Yahoo purchased it they left it on a side for years. Recently they redesigned it and made it worse than before, trying to bring this whole web 2.0 nonsense. 500px, Google Plus, Facebook and others aren't good at showing your photography neither. Photographers who care about their work have no place to share and discuss about it.

I want Heritage to have the best film photographers on board, and build that community. When I say best, I mean photographers who care, and they're actually usually non-professional ones.

Heritage uses Rails and standard bootstrap CSS. Photos are hosted on Amazon S3 and Cloudfront for as fast as possible delivery. Its layout is inspired from Dribbble for now. Hopefully, I'll find the energy and time to improve the layout so it gets its own UI.

What is Heritage?

Heritage allows photographers to get an online gallery like this one, and you can even use your down domain like I did for mine: Your online galleries shows what you uploaded on Heritage, but on a simpler design and with comments and likes striped out.

Anyone can create an account to follow, like or comment photos. However, you must be invited to be able to post content (your photo). If you don't know anyone you can just check the prospect box on your profile, and upload a photo as a sample of your work. Anyone with invitation left can approve you themselves.

Heritage is for film photographers, we are careful of who we approve since the project is recent and its first members will define the quality of the whole project.