Fall Colors on Velvia

Velvia is one of my favorite films to shoot with. Being a slide film, it requires patience and shooting it on large format adds to the excitement of not knowing how things will turn out in the end. When it comes to analog photography, there is no better satisfaction for me than to see my Velvia slides come through perfectly. I process my film at home and digitize them using a Scanmate SM11000 Drum Scanner. The end results can be breathtaking but there is always something more special about seeing the slides on a lightbox.


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    Fabien Penso

    I'd love to see a 4x5 Velvia, must be fantastic and ultra sharp. I stopped using it a very long time ago because it's expensive and more difficult to scan than portra.

    about 5 years ago
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    Pali Kalsi

    The film is great and I shoot it in 120 MF regularly but it is something else to look at 4x5 or 8x10 Velvia slides. It is hard to describe but it almost feels like you're at the scene when you look at it.

    about 5 years ago

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