Ray Collins

Ray Collins was the founding member of 'Mothers of Invention'. I took the photos of Ray as I was walking around Claremont on a cold January day in 2011, I was dragging a couple of old film cameras around with me as I was trying to getting back into shooting with film again. As a fan of classic cars I crossed the road to take a photo of a parked DeLorean (as in the 'Back to the Future' car). It was then that Ray's friend Stephen asked me if I were a photographer as I had a few these old film cameras with me...we got chatting and it turns out he used to be a model in his youth...I asked if I could take his photo and one with his friend (Ray hadn't said much up to now)...so I take a couple of Stephen and also ask Ray if I can shoot a few of him to. He agrees and as I was reloading the film into the camera he asked me if I'm from the UK (the accent gave it away I think), he then said he had played at the Albert Hall many years ago...I asked if he were in a band, he replied 'MOI'...I had to think for a minute and then I said is that 'Mothers of Invention', Frank Zappas band. He smiled and told me that he was the one who had invited Frank into his band, but he'd never made any money with the band. Mother of Invention vocalist Ray Collins died on Dec 24th

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